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[[File:TheBlades.gif|The Blades|right|frame]]
== The Blades in Oblivion ==
The [[Oblivion:Blades|Blades]] are members of an elite {{Future Link|Empire|Imperial}} order dedicated to the protection and service of the {{Future Link|Dragonborn}} {{Future Link|Tamrielic Emperors|emperors}} of {{Future Link|Tamriel}}. Descended from the [[Oblivion:Akaviri|Akaviri]] '''Dragonguard''', who became the personal bodyguard of Emperor {{Future Link|Reman I}}, the Blades have since diversified into many areas of Imperial espionage, military, and diplomacy. Indeed, while a select few are appointed by the emperor to serve openly as diplomats or bodyguards, the majority of Blades agents act covertly as couriers and spies. Serving as the emperor's eyes and ears, a vast network of Blades have influenced many critical events across Tamriel, such as reassembling the golem {{Future Link|Numidium}} and defeating {{Future Link|Dagoth Ur}}. The Blades were disbanded following the [[Lore:Great War|Great War]] and largely killed off by the [[Lore:Thalmor|Thalmor]], but were reformed once again to assume their ancient role as dragon hunters during the return of {{Future Link|Alduin}}.
The arms, armor, architecture, and customs of the Blades reflect their Akaviri heritage, most famously their distinctive Akaviri katanas and ceremonial armor. The order operates a number of secret strongholds across Tamriel which serve as headquarters and sanctuaries, the most well-known being [[Oblivion:Cloud Ruler Temple|Cloud Ruler Temple]] in [[Oblivion:Cyrodiil|Cyrodiil]], where the swords of those Blades who were slain while protecting the Dragonborn are hung. Other known strongholds include {{Future Link|Castle Llugwych}} and {{Future Link|Storm Talon Temple}} in {{Future Link|High Rock}}, {{Future Link|Sky Haven Temple}} in {{Future Link|Skyrim}}, {{Future Link|Wind Scour Temple}} in {{Future Link|Hammerfell}},{{FMI}} and {{Future Link|Dov-Vahl Shrine|Dov-Vahl Hall}} in [[Lore:Elsweyr|Elsweyr]].
== The Blades in Oblivion ==
[[Oblivion:Jauffre|Jauffre]] is the current Grandmaster. When you first bring [[Oblivion:Brother Martin|Brother Martin]] to [[Oblivion:Cloud Ruler Temple|Cloud Ruler Temple]] during the [[Oblivion:Weynon Priory (quest)|Weynon Priory]] quest, Jauffre offers to make you a member of the Blades. You can choose whether to accept the offer or decline; if you decline, you can ask Jauffre at any later time about "Join the Blades" and become a member. Jauffre will not offer you membership if his [[Oblivion:Disposition|Disposition]] is below 40, in which case, use a [[Oblivion:Charm|Charm]] spell to temporarily boost his disposition. Also, Jauffre cannot offer you membership if he dies (which is possible during the quests [[Oblivion:Defense of Bruma|Defense of Bruma]] and [[Oblivion:Light the Dragonfires|Light the Dragonfires]]). If you want to eventually join the Blades, you may want to be sure to join before those quests or else keep Jauffre alive.