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Directions: "grantee" -> "guarantee", which is what i think the author meant.
''Daggerfall''{{'}}s NPCs can be divided into three main categories. The first category consists of [[Daggerfall:Bestiary|enemies]], which are hostile to you. These NPCs cannot be spoken to, and thus are useless for directions. The second category consists of the commoners found in the streets of every town, who are available in abundance and can easily be asked for directions. The third category includes shop owners, guild members and nobles. This category can also be spoken to for directions, but there are a few minor differences: firstly, this category of NPC is capable of giving quests, which can sometimes occur randomly when you speak to them. If you are already on a quest or do not want to start a new one, then it may be safer to ask commoners for directions instead (who cannot give quests). Second, there are a few [[Daggerfall:Spymaster|specialized members]] of this NPC class who will give extremely reliable directions (as well as other information).
To ask an NPC for directions, approach the desired NPC and then press the "Space" key (it is important to make sure player interaction is set to "grab" or "dialog" before doing this, which can be accomplished by pressing "F1" or "F4" keys, respectively). Doing so will bring up the NPC interaction menu, from where you will be able to ask for directions to any local place known to the NPC (among other things). It is important to note that there is no granteeguarantee any particular "normal" NPC will know the way to a particular place, so you may have to do some asking around until you find an NPC who is able to direct you to the desired location (the exception to this are the NPCs who specialize in the information business, mentioned above).
The type of directions an NPC gives you can vary significantly. While some NPCs will be able to mark the desired location on your Automap (see Maps below), others will simply give you the general direction (North, South, etc.) in which the location lies in respect to the your current position. In this case, you will need either ask around until you receive more specific directions or use the compass to find your way there.
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