Lore:Skaal Village

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{{[[Lore:Skaal LinkVillage|Skaal Village}}]] is home to the {{[[Lore Link:Skaal|Skaal}}]], a nature-worshipping tribe of {{[[Lore Link:Nord|Nord}}]]s. The village is located in the {{[[Lore:Felsaad LinkCoast|Felsaad Coast}}]] region of {{[[Lore Link:Solstheim|Solstheim}}]], north of the Mead Hall of {{[[Lore Link:Thirsk|Thirsk}}]], and is the northernmost settlement in Tamriel. It consists of small, sturdy wooden dwellings, arranged around a central {{LoreFuture Link|Greathall}} which hosts feasts and other gatherings. Clad in traditional {{LoreFuture Link|Nordic Mail|Nordic mail}} armor, Skaal Honor Guards protect the village from intruders, man and beast alike. At first, the villagers of Skaal are not very friendly to outsiders, but they are more welcoming once they accept you.
The Skaal have a rich and colorful culture with ritualistic hunts and bonds with nature; mythical beasts like the Spirit Bear and {{[[Lore Link:Karstaag|Karstaag}}]] are part of the lore here. Hunting is the main source of income for most, as the {{[[Lore Link:Horker|horker}}Horker]]s on the northern coast and nearby {{[[Lore:Lake LinkFjalding|Lake Fjalding}}]] are a relative easy and lucrative prey. More adventurous Skaal hunters go after the elusive {{[[Lore Link|:Snow Wolf|snow wolf}}]] or {{[[Lore Link|:Snow Bear|snow bear}}]], whose pelts are valued highly among them.
Skaal Village is also home to the shaman of the tribe, who leads them in matters of ritual and spirituality.<noinclude>