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If you have a [[ON:Khajiit|Khajiit]] character, she will say:
:''"Lost? No. Surprised? Maybe … wait. Have you never spoken to a Senche-raht? Yet you are Khajiit …"''
:;'''Why don't you tell me about the Senche-raht?'''
:''"I see how you are. You won't answer my questions, but instead ask your own.<br>Well, I have nothing better to do right now, so … I'm a Senche-raht. You may have seen us in battle with warriors atop us. Or just bathing in fountains."''
:;'''You allow others to ride you?'''
:''"If they're polite and ask first, sometimes. And we train with them, too.<br>Battle is hard. You don't want to be pouncing into an attack right when your battle partner is about to land a perfectly placed blow."''
:;'''May I ride you?'''
:''"Oh, joy! You asked politely. Thank you!<br>But, no, not right now. I'm recovering from that time when my battle partner tried to land a perfectly placed blow. You should ask Sharjo about the [[ON:Pahmar-raht|Pahmar-raht]]. Maybe he'll give you a ride on his shoulders."''
To a character of any other race, she will say:
:''"I have a potential surprise for you!"''
:;'''Uh, what surprise?'''
:''"I speak your language!"''
:;'''So you do. And?'''
:''"And?<br>Oh, very well. You're no fun. But if you want to know more about Senche-raht, I'll still talk to you about them."''
:;'''You're a Senche-raht?'''
:''"Why yes! I am. And you would not believe how many people are surprised when one of us speaks. I mean, speaks a language. Not yowls.<br>Normally we speak [[Lore:Ta'agra|Ta'agra]], but we can understand other languages and sometimes choose to join in on conversations."''
:;'''Can I ride you?'''
:''"Oh, one of those, eh?<br>Yes, we can choose to allow people to ride us. Choose, though. It's a choice. Don't assume, as Raiffi would say. But with more words.<br>Any other questions?"''
:;'''Do all cat creatures talk? And we just never thought to ask?'''
:''"You mean talk like you do, right?<br>You know? I don't think I want to answer that question. Perhaps go find out for yourself. It's more fun that way."''
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