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|health=133844 (During [[Online:Restore the Silvenar|Restore the Silvenar]])
|faction={{Faction|Aldmeri Dominion}}
|reaction=Friendly<br>Hostile (During [[Online:Restore the Silvenar|Restore the Silvenar]])
Hostile (During [[Online:Restore the Silvenar|Restore the Silvenar]])
'''Gwaering''' is a [[ON:Bosmer|Bosmer]] and the niece of [[ON:Finoriell|Finoriell]], the previous Green Lady. After Finoriell's death due to losing her [[ON:Edhelorn|Silvenar]], Gwaering was chosen to be the new Green Lady. She then married the new Silvenar, [[ON:Indaenir|Indaenir]], in the city of [[ON:Silvenar|Silvenar]].
She was born and raised in [[Online:Deepwoods|Deepwoods]] alongside her sister, [[Online:Lanwaen|Lanwaen]]. She was a close friend of a mer named [[Online:Ulthorn|Ulthorn]] before she became the Green Lady.
==Related Quests==
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==Quest-Related Events==
===The Drublog of Dra'bul===
===Reap What Is Sown===
Speak to the Green Lady.
:''"The Hound. He has gone too far!<br>If what he said was true, the Silvenar—my Silvenar—is gone!"''
===The Drublog of Dra'bul===
===Restore the Silvenar===
:''"You follow me to my home? I should bite your feet off, and see how well you run!<br>The Hound is my consort. He has shown me the way of the wilds, and we rule over the forest, together. I need nothing from you!"''{{huh}}
===The First Step===
You can speak with her before starting the ritual.
:''"I have spoken with the Champions, taken in their scent. They seem lean, strong, flexible … much like my Silvenar. I fear they do not have the experience, the age, that the Mane should have. But I am willing to watch and wait and see."''
:''"Oh, no. My people are deeply divided. I believe this is one of the most vulnerable moments our fragile Dominion has faced. [[Online:King Camoran Aeradan|King Camoran]] himself felt he had to remain in Valenwood. Stay close to the people, keep them from worrying."''
===The Moonlit Path===
A vision of the Silvenar and the Green Lady fleeing from chaos occurs during the quest.
Speak to the Green Lady.The Hound. He has gone too far!\n\nIf what he said was true, the Silvenar—my Silvenar—is gone!
:''"No time. Since the Khajiit fell away from the Dominion, things have been desperate. The [[Online:Daggerfall Covenant|Covenant]], the [[Online:Ebonheart Pact|Pact]] … pressing on every front. We had no choice, had to turn to the Wild Hunt."''
:''"It … it doesn't matter. The others will find me. And with my Silvenar dead, I shall soon follow. The heart of the forest, dead, and the Wild Hunt rampant. This is the end …."''
:''"Go! There's no hope now … if the Khajiit hadn't left us. If those bastard cats and the [[Online:Queen Ayrenn|witch-queen of the Altmer]] hadn't … go! Leave us, and remember that the heart of the forest once beat within the chest of an Elf."''
Speaking to the Green Lady in the real world after seeing the vision of the Bosmer:
:''"I'm sorry, Hallowed. The words of the [[Online:Moon Bishop Hunal|Moon Bishop]] have affected me greatly. The thought of my people gone feral, my Silvenar dead …."''