Skyrim:Served Cold

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* You might want to wait on this quest until you've done [[Dragonborn:It's All In The Taste|It's All In The Taste]]. Both Mirri and Tilisu are potential customers, and it can be difficult to find ten others without having to wait a day and go back to the same people otherwise.
* When you speak to Adril after killing Vendil, even if Adril is in his usual seat right next to Morvayn, he will tell you he's taking you to see the Councilor and stand up before beginning the next conversation.
* The only way to get the Severin Safe Key is to kill Mirri Severin and loot it from her corpse, or to have the Wax Key perk when picking the lock. It will not appear when pickpocketing her.
* If you take this quest, don't bother to steal anything from Severin Manor until you complete it. All the objects contained within the house will be unmarked as owned once the quest is completed. Otherwise, the objects you steal in the meanwhile will be left marked as stolen in your inventory.