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'''Aishie''' is a [[Online:Redguard|Redguard]] noble who can be found at [[Online:the Shrewd Brew|the Shrewd Brew]] in [[Online:Lillandril|Lillandril]].
*''"I was supposed to meet with a faculty member from the [[Online:Illumination Academy|Illumination Academy]]. Do they always run so late?"''
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*''"I wouldn't share any strong opinions about the [[Online:Queen Ayrenn|Queen's]] decree if I were you. Tenigwe's already thrown two drunks out for nearly coming to blows over the topic."''
==Related Quests==
*''"Thankfully, neither the Sapiarchs nor members of the Mages Guild seem interested in drinking here. It's one of the few places where I can find peace and quiet."''
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