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Corrected statement regarding factual accuracy of Daggerfall Chronicles, which has been shown (through code reverse-engineering work by the Daggerfall for Unity project developers) to be an inaccurate depiction of actual game mechanics.
The following information comes directly from [[Books:The Daggerfall Chronicles|The Daggerfall Chronicles]]. andHowever, shouldnote bethat takenthis asinformation fact.does Withoutnot thealways game'saccurately sourceportray codeactual thesein-game formulasmechanics. can(For neverexample, bedue verifiedto bya game-play alone.bug Commentsdescribed on thesethe formulasDaggerfall:Critical comeStrike directly frompage, the DFCritical ChroniclesStrike asskill well,does not in which notes on these formulas comefact frommodify thirddamage partiesoutput.)
===To-hit chance===
<code>Chance (%) = skill + armor_rating + ( (agil1 - agil2) ÷ 10 ) + ( (luck1 -luck2) ÷ 10 ) + swing_type + (adrenaline1 - adrenaline2) + generalMod + (career_Mod1 - career_Mod2) + misc_racial_mods - (dodging_skill ÷ 10) - 60</code>
According to the DF Chronicles, the maximum to-hit chance cannot surpass 97%, and the minimum chance will never be lower than 3%.
<code>3 × Base Damage</code>
Andand the formula for a successful [[Daggerfall:Critical Strike|Critical Strike]] is (however, see also above regarding the bug impacting this skill):
<code>( 1 + (critical strike skill ÷ 100) ) × Base Damage</code>
In addition, a successful critical strike adds
<code> critical strike skill ÷ 10</code>
to the to-hit chance.
Of course backstabbing and critical strike can be combined to do even more damage. If both are successful the combined formula for the total damage is:
<code>( 3 + ( 3 × critical strike skill ÷ 100) ) × Base Damage</code>
Backstabbing and critical strike combined work very efficiently in conjunction with [[Daggerfall:Archery|Archery]] and an adequate ranged weapon.
<code>Maximum Damage = (div hand-to-hand skill 5) + 2</code>
One especially noteworthy aspect of [[Daggerfall:Hand-to-Hand|Hand-to-Hand]] is, that any type of enemy can be harmed by ithand-to-hand damage, even such onesenemies that otherwise require weapons crafted of special materialmaterials to be hit. In conjunction with a high [[Daggerfall:Speed|speedSpeed]] rate, hand-to-hand is even more efficient in combat.