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'''Tildanyorion''' is an [[Online:Altmer|Altmer]] member of the [[Online:Undaunted|Undaunted]] who can be encountered in the [[Online:Undaunted Enclave (Mournhold)|Undaunted Enclave]] in [[Online:Mournhold|Mournhold]]. He's inside the pavilion leaning up against the [[Online:Echatere|Echatere]] cage. He has no unique dialogue.
It is very difficult to pickpocket him due to his position. To do so, crouch between the Khajiit guardian statue and the empty cage, and zoom your camera view really far out in third person, pointing your crosshair at the [[Online:Echatere|echatere]].[[File:ON-npc-Tildanyorion 02.jpg|thumb|right|Position your character as such to pickpocket Tildanyorion]]
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