Lore:Fourth Era

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Third Century: in ancano's section, changed "sacking" to "destroying" as sacking usually refers to the pillaging or looting of a settlement.
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|4E 201|The {{Lore Link|College of Winterhold}} and the city of [[Lore:Winterhold (city)|Winterhold]] are saved from a [[Lore:Thalmor|Thalmor]] plot.
*A Thalmor agent, [[Skyrim:Ancano|Ancano]], attempts to draw power from an ancient artifact called the [[Lore:Eye_of_Magnus|Eye of Magnus]] discovered during an expedition to the ancient ruins of [[Lore:Saarthal|Saarthal]]. After killing {{Lore Link|Savos Aren|the College's leader}} and almost sackingdestroying the city of Winterhold, Ancano is killed by a member of the college, who uses the [[Lore:Staff of Magnus|Staff of Magnus]] to contain the Eye's power. The Eye is secured by members of the [[Lore:Psijic Order|Psijic Order]] who had foreseen Ancano's plot.{{ref|name=Skyrim}}|minor=yes}}
{{History Entry
|4E 201|[[Lore:Thieves Guild|The Thieves Guild]] in Skyrim is restored to its former glory.{{ref|name=Skyrim}}|minor=yes}}
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