Books:Pocket Guide to the Empire: 3rd Edition

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! Time Period
| {{Year|3E 432}}
! Author
| [[General:Ted Peterson|Ted Peterson]]
! Publisher
The guide can be read in full {{Lore Link|Pocket Guide to the Empire, 3rd Edition|here}}.
==Behind the Scenes==
*[[General:Michael Kirkbride|Michael Kirkbride]] was originally contacted to create a new Pocket Guide for the then upcoming Oblivion release, as he had done with Redgaurd. But he chose not to pursue it due to creative differences with the studio. Ted Peterson was later contacted to create the Guide based on the First Guide. Peterson said, "What Kirkbride wrote in the [The First] Pocket Guide to the Empire is great but the there were different directives of what we were going to do with the second one, and I think [Kirkbride] was offered it and wasn't interested or had a problem with the dictates, but it was fine with me."
*Ted Peterson drew on many ideas settled on the during lore discussions and role playing sessions from the (now defunct) Elder Scrolls forums to create the guide.