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{{Online NPC Summary
|gender=MaleVaries|loc=[[Online:Fallowstone Hall|Fallowstone Hall]]
|health={{HuhESO Health|jnh}}|reaction=Justice Neutral|pickpocket=Easy|loottype=Warrior
 <!-- Instructions'''Companion'''s are generic [[Online: Provide an initial sentence summarizing Nord|Nord]] warriors found inside the NPC (race, job, where they live). Subsequent paragraphs provide additional information about the NPC, such as related NPCs, schedule, equipment, etc. Note that quest-specific information DOES NOT belong on this page, but instead goes on the appropriate quest page[[Online:Fallowstone Vault|Fallowstone Vault]] underneath [[Online:Fallowstone Hall|Fallowstone Hall]]. Spoilers should They cannot be avoidedspoken to.-->