Lore:A Looter's Paradise

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|author=[[Lore:Books by Author#The Silver-Haired Shadow|Thethe Silver-Haired Shadow]]
You don't need to know my real name—not sure I remember it anymore, anyhow. My auntie left me a shack on a hill south of the border. Never thought about it much, until I lifted {{Lore Link|Hrol}}'s Golden Girdle from the {{Lore Link|Temple of the One}}. Suddenly life got real complicated, and I decided it was time to go claim my inheritance.
It was the {{Lore Link|Vinedusk}} Wood Elf tribe versus the {{Lore Link|Dakarn}} Khajiiti clan, and it was a near-continual war of cross-border raids and midnight murders. They took turns occupying the ruins of Fort Sphinxmoth, sending out bands to waylay merchant caravans, raid villages and towns, and pay off old scores. Neither side noticed me hiding in the old shack during daylight, and slipping from shadow to shadow around the Marches after dark. The place was a killing ground—I could hardly go five hundred paces without encountering a dead warrior, a half-empty cart, or a slain merchant.
It was a looter's paradise.