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'''From "The Chronicles of Janisiere":'''
''"...and the Emperor then commanded to bring forth the two champions who had served him so well, who knelt before him and received his blessing. He bid them rise and said to them, 'Let all present know how these two have served their Empire, for had not Jagar Tharn been robbed of the support of the archfiend Mehrunes Dagon and his fell minions, then Ria Silmane and her champion might never have revealed Tharn's imposture, and long might the rightful emperor have languished imprisoned in Dagon'sdarks dark prisons within the Void.' And he then made them great presents of land and chattels, and raised them up among his counselors, and conferred upon them offices of great importance in his Legions."''
'''From "Private Proceedings of the Imperial Commission":'''
Blocker, patroller