Skyrim:Netch Leather Armor

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|patch=[[Skyrim:Special Edition Patch#Version|Special Edition Version]]
'''Netch Leather Armor''' is a [[Skyrim:Creation Club|Creation]] that various [[Lore:Dunmer|Dunmeri]] styled [[Lore:Netch|Netch]] leather armors that can be obtained ingame. The artifact known as the [[LoreSkyrim:Boots of Blinding Speed|Boots of Blinding Speed]] are also obtainable in thethis creationCreation.
==Official Summary==
;Sneak Peek - June 2019
:''A classic armor from Morrowind, and one with multiple variants. This includes a boiled netch leather helmet and cuirass, and a darker "shadowed" version of both the normal and boiled pieces.''
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:*[[SR:Crafting with Netch Leather|Crafting with Netch Leather]]
:*[[SR:Peddler's Journal|Peddler's Journal]]
:*[[SR:Riekling Hunting Party Sketch|Riekling Hunting Party Sketch]]
:*[[SR:Giant Betty Netch|Giant Betty Netch]]
:*[[SR:Giant Bull Netch|Giant Bull Netch]]
:*[[SR:Riekling Tribe Leader|Riekling Tribe Leader]]
:*[[SR:Boiled Netch Leather Helmet|Boiled Netch Leather Helmet]]
:*[[SR:Boots of Blinding Speed|Boots of Blinding Speed]]
:*[[SR:Giant Bull Netch Leather|Giant Bull Netch Leather]]
:*[[SR:Imitation Netch Leather|Imitation Netch Leather]]
:*[[SR:Key to Riekling Chest|Key to Riekling Chest]]
:*[[SR:Netch Leather Armor (item)|Netch Leather Armor]]
:*[[SR:Netch Leather Boots|Netch Leather Boots]]
:*[[SR:Netch Leather Bracers|Netch Leather Bracers]]
:*[[SR:Netch Leather Shield|Netch Leather Shield]]
:*[[SR:Painted Netch Leather Armor|Painted Netch Leather Armor]]
:*[[SR:Painted Netch Leather Boots|Painted Netch Leather Boots]]
:*[[SR:Painted Netch Leather Bracers|Painted Netch Leather Bracers]]
:*[[SR:Painted Netch Leather Helmet|Painted Netch Leather Helmet]]
:*[[Skyrim:More Than You Can Chew|More Than You Can Chew]]