Books:Battlespire Athenaeum

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''Before you qualified to enter the Battlespire, a spirited competition with similar candidates transpired. Only the first and second place winners achieved entrance into the Battlespire. You place second, and arrive at the Weir Gate, the Battlespire's entrance. Your companion who bested you in the entrance trial, is roving the first level ahead of you.''
''Unknown to you, the Imperial Battlemage, Jagar Tharn, (whose audacity in whisking the Emperor away is related above) secretly offered [[Lore:Mehrunes Dagon|ehrunesMehrunes Dagon]], the [[Lore:Daedric Prince|Daedric Prince]] of Darkness and Destruction, a deal on the Battlespire. One condition was attached — Dagon and his heinous followers had to kill all 5 battlemages to eliminate competition for Jagar Tharn's lofty position as the Imperial Battlemage. The carnage began, as the Battlespire was overrun with Dagon's minions. The governing battlemages were being popped like grapes.''
''On arrival, though you are unaware of Dagon's antics, you sense something is horribly wrong. The Wizard of the Gate lies dead at your feet, and horrible monsters are looting and sacking the Battlespire. Death is suddenly a very real possibility. What was to be an interesting and enjoyable challenge has turned into a nightmare test of survival.''
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