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'''Being A Brief History Of The Elder Scrolls From Tamriel's Origins To The Present Predicament In The Anchored Battlespire:'''
''Every [[General:Elder Scrolls|Elder Scrolls]] game presents the player with rich flights of fancy, usually broad and fascinating tapestries. The stage for these epics is [[Lore:Tamriel|Tamriel]], a gigantic contienentcontinent of striking and diverse terrain, cultures, provinces, and impressive pockets of civilization. The [[Lore:Calendar|Tamrielic Calendar]] records thousands of years of angst, jubilance, and tragedy.''
''The vast continent that is Tamriel evolved with panoply of fits and starts.''
''In the [[Lore:First Era|1st Era]], before the contemporary political divisions were firmly incorporated, destructive wars of conquest and succession, bureaucratic infighting, trade conflicts, and horrible plagues tore the land asunder. Powerful clans took turns controlling Tamriel's 9 provinces. Despite this, the great city-states of [[Lore:Daggerfall|Daggerfall]], [[Lore:Sentinel|sentinel]], and [[Lore:Wayrest|Wayrest]] sprouted and flourished.''
''The [[Lore:Second Era|2nd Era]] dawned brightly. The growing class of enchanters formed the first [[Lore:Mages Guild|Mages Guild]] early on. The honeymoon lasted but 200 years, for civil wars, insurrection, and assassinations of major political figures came to pass at an alarming rate. The middle years found the dreaded Khahaten[[Lore:Knahaten Flu|Knahaten Flu]] dominating every aspect of Tamrielian life. Not a single inhabitant was left untouched by this scourge.''
''The [[Lore:Third Era|3rd Era]] began with political sanity restored. For the first time a single individual, dubbed [[Lore:Tamrielic Emperors|Emperor]], forged all of Tamriel's territories into one great empire. [[Lore:Tiber Septim|Tiber Septim's]] [[Lore:Septim DynsatyDynasty|Dynasty]] has lasted until the present day, almost half an era. The long line of Emperors Uriel began in E3{{sic|{{Year|3E 48|3E 53}}|3E 48}}. The Uriels instilled forward-thinking concepts of stability and harmony throughout the land. Everyone benefited and prospered.''
''In {{Year|3E 389}}, the Imperial Battlemage, second in Tamriel only to the Emperor, decided that [[Lore:Uriel Septim VII|Uriel VII]] needed a well-earned "vactionvacation". CatingCasting the most powerful spell conjecturable, Jagare[[Lore:Jagar Tharn|Jagar Tharn]] imprisoned the unsuspecting Emperor in [[Lore:Oblivion|a pocket universe, a timeless dimension]], a place of no return. For [[Lore:Third Era#3E 399|10 years]], the mad wizard kept Uriel incarcerated. [[Lore:Hero#Eternal_Champion|A brave adventurer]] traveled Tamriel far and wide, found [[Lore:Staff of Chaos|the mystical object of release]], and freed his Emperor. This hastened the shameful downfall of the treacherous battlemage.
''Shorty after those heroics, [[Lore:Hero#The_Agent|another brave]] hero rescued Tamriel from unspeakable evil principally taking place in the city-state of Daggerfall. This story entailed court intrigue, treachery, knightly conflicts, and the inevitable struggle between good and evil. As you will see, [[BS:Battlespire|Battlespire]] continues the tradition.''
''Battlespire takes place during the time of [[AR:Arena|Arena]] (roughly 3E 399) in a majestic tower, if you will, a medieval space needle, inhabiting its own pocket universe. Originally a war college for the training and sharpening of imperial battlemage skills, evil forces invaded this citadel of military {{sic|of imperial battlemage skills, evil forces invaded this citadel of military|description=duplicate phrase}} civility. Now, monstrous minions block and thwart your every move. You must escape back to the benevolent confines of Tamriel at all costs.''
''During this time, a host of societal institutions were suspended in so-called [[Lore:Planes_of_Existence|"pocket universes,"]] to achieve a state of immaculate virtual reality. One such institution, deep in the ethereal plane of [[Lore:Aetherius|Aetherius]], is the [[Lore:Battlespire|Battlepire]]. It is a proving ground, or sophisticated war college for prospective battlemages. Five special anchors clamp the Battlespire in place, connected immediately on arrival when towed in by the Great Star Galley. If all the anchors are disconnected, the Battlespire drifts outside of the nexus of rich [[Lore:Magic|magicka-currents]], the entire platform goes black and dead, and the PC, the Battlespire, and everyone there perishes.''
''At its heart, the Battlespire is an otherworldly dungeon, administered and maintained by 5 powerful battlemages. This clique is so select that future Imperial Battlemages are plucked from their ranks. The Battlespire is the ultimate testing facility for [[Lore:Blades|the Emperor's Personal Guard]]. Anyone entering is guaranteed to get a strenuous mental and physical workout.''
''You are an eager stripling, who has looked forward to testing your already superlative skills in combat and magic in the Battlespire against the finest the Empire has to offer. The valued prize for succeeding is to become one of Tamriel's true elite, with a position in the Imperial Guards.''
''Before you qualified to enter the Battlespire, a spirited competition with similar candidates transpired. Only the first and second place winners achieved entrance into the Battlespire. You place second, and arrive at the Weir Gate, the Battlespire's entrance. Your companion who bested you in the entrance trial, is roving the first level ahead of you.''
''Unknown to you, the Imperial Battlemage, Jagar Tharn, (whose audacity in whisking the Emperor away is related above) secretly offered [[Lore:Mehrunes Dagon|ehrunes Dagon]], the [[Lore:Daedric Prince|Daedric Prince]] of Darkness and Destruction, a deal on the Battlespire. One condition was attached — Dagon and his heinous followers had to kill all 5 battlemages to eliminate competition for Jagar Tharn's lofty position as the Imperial Battlemage. The carnage began, as the Battlespire was overrun with Dagon's minions. The governing battlemages were being popped like grapes.''
''On arrival, though you are unaware of Dagon's antics, you sense something is horribly wrong. The Wizard of the Gate lies dead at your feet, and horrible monsters are looting and sacking the Battlespire. Death is suddenly a very real possibility. What was to be an interesting and enjoyable challenge has turned into a nightmare test of survival.''
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