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==Quick Walkthrough==
#Speak with Terenus to go to the Sewer Tenement
#Complete the secondary objectives
#Escape the Sewer Tenement and speak with Terenus for your reward
==Detailed Walkthrough==
[[File:ON-map-Sewer_Tenement_target_locations.jpg|thumb|right|Marked target locations]]
Speaker Terenus has a task for you. He needs you to kill someone. That "someone" will be one of the following individuals:
*[[Online:Alard Cerone|Alard Cerone]], a Breton who has seen too much.
*[[Online:Andilo Andrano|Andilo Andrano]], a Dunmer with a spectacular inheritance.
*[[Online:Aojee-Ei|Aojee-Ei]], an Argonian poking his nose where it doesn't belong.
*[[Online:Geon Alinie|Geon Alinie]], a Breton chronicler hot on the Brotherhood's heels.
*[[Online:Herminius Andus|Herminius Andus]], a renowned equestrian.
*[[Online:Lamzakha|Lamzakha]], a conniving skooma dealer.
*[[Online:Talrahal|Talrahal]], a prankster.
Speaker Terenus will likely have given you several tasks to complete while you're in the sewers. Your first objective is to either kill a secondary mark or destroy a Dwarven Relic. The secondary target is there as a challenge, and the Dwarven Relic is too valuable to remain at the scene. Terenus doesn't want people poking around the scene of an assassination. The Dwarven Relic will be located on the right-hand side at the bottom of the stairs in the mid-northern chamber of the Sewer Tenement (on the map provided, this is the large chamber with three possible target locations in it), next to Geon Alinie if he's present.
Your tertiary objective will be to either:
*Murder your target with a poison equipped on the weapon slot you have active when you make the kill, or
*Kill your target with the Blade of Woe.
Finally, you'll want to escape the Sewer Tenement in under two minutes after the kill. Stepping into the entrance area counts as escaping the sewer tenement. You do not have to actually leave the area for the game to count you as having "escaped". As long as you make it to the ladder room, you're good. Climb the ladder when you're ready to leave and speak with Terenus for your reward.
{{Online Quest Objective|hint|Talk to Speaker Terenus to Travel to Sewer Tenement}}
{{Online Quest Objective|hint|Alert Status: 0/5}}
{{Online Quest Objective||Return to SpeakerTerenusSpeaker Terenus}}
|fin|The Speaker is waiting for my report at the Sanctuary.
{{Online Quest Objective||Return to the Speaker}}
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