Online:Pledge: Depths of Malatar

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|ImgDesc=The Depths of Malatar
|description=Prove you are truly Undaunted by clearing [[Online:Depths of Malatar|Depths of Malatar]].
|Zone=Gold Coast
|Giver=[[Online:Urgarlag Chief-bane|Urgarlag Chief-bane]] at the [[Online:Undaunted Enclave|Enclave]] [[File:ON-icon-alliance-Aldmeri (color).png|20px|Elden Root|link=Online:Undaunted Enclave (Elden Root)]] • [[File:ON-icon-alliance-Daggerfall (color).png|20px|Wayrest|link=Online:Undaunted Enclave (Wayrest)]] • [[File:ON-icon-alliance-Ebonheart (color).png|20px|Mournhold|link=Online:Undaunted Enclave (Mournhold)]]
|Loc=[[Online:Depths of Malatar|Depths of Malatar]]
|Prereq=[[Online:Taking the Undaunted Pledge|Taking the Undaunted Pledge]]
|Reward={{Item Link|Undaunted Key|id=55448|quality=4}}<br>{{ESO Gold|h}} Gold
|XP={{ESO XP|h}}
|Journal=Urgarlag Chief-bane of the Undaunted has challenged me to explore the Depths of Malatar. You can only complete the Gold Key Challenge in Veteran Mode.

==Quick Walkthrough==
#Clear the Depths of Malatar
#:{{ESO Veteran|veteran= ''You can only complete the Death Challenge in Veteran Mode.''}}
#*Defeat after burning Meridia's Dictates

==Detailed Walkthrough==
Speak to [[Online:Urgarlag Chief-bane|Urgarlag Chief-bane]] and she will provide the details of her quest.
:''"The Depths of Malatar. A sunken ruin filled with Meridia's eternal Purified. Slaves to her command, cleansed of disease, death, and free will.<br>Not a bad deal, minus the last part. I'll leave it to you to find a way to kill the undying."''
:'''And if I can handle more than that?'''
:''"Meridia loathes disorder. If slaughtering her Purified doesn't get her angry enough, burn the dictates on her altar before you beat some discord into her Symphony of Blades.<br>Nothing she hates more than free will and defiance."''
:'''I pledge to seek out the Depths of Malatar and return Undaunted.'''

Travel to the [[Online:Depths of Malatar|Depths of Malatar]] and clear it of enemies. More details can be found on the page itself, as well as the individualboss' pages. You must defeat all of the bosses within the dungeon in order to finish the pledge, as you cannot move forward through the dungeon without beating them one after another anyways.

Once complete, return to Urgarlag to claim your reward.

==Quest Stages==
{{Online Journal Entries
||I need to complete the Depths of Malatar.
{{Online Quest Objective||Complete the Depths of Malatar}}
{{Online Quest Objective|hidden|Enter Depths of Malatar in Veteran Mode}}
||I defeated my foes in the Depths of Malatar. I should find Urgarlag Chief-bane in my alliance's capital city.
{{Online Quest Objective||Return to Urgarlag Chief-bane}}
|fin|Urgarlag Chief-bane is waiting to speak to me once again in my alliance capital.
{{Online Quest Objective||Talk to Urgarlag Chief-bane}}
{{Online Quest Stages Notes}}