Oblivion:Cursed Mine

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== Zone 1: ''{{Linkable EntryAnchor|Cursed Mine}}'' ==
[[File:OB-Map-CursedMine.jpg|thumb|right|180px|Cursed Mine]]
This zone is divided into two long pathways; the main route goes straight ahead to the ''[[#Cursed Mine Breakdown Chambers|Cursed Mine Breakdown Chambers]]'' and the hallway to your right leads to a dead end. Still, it is worth exploring the hallway to your right because you can discover four treasure chests here. Be careful, because after you enter the second room through a wooden door, there is a [[Oblivion:Swinging Mace|Swinging Mace]] trap hidden behind it at '''E'''. The left hallway is a currently unfinished mine corridor, so it leads to nowhere. If you looted the third room, you should backtrack to the cave entrance and follow the main route.
== Zone 2: ''{{Linkable EntryAnchor|Cursed Mine Breakdown Chambers}}'' ==
[[File:OB-Map-CursedMine02.jpg|thumb|right|221px|Cursed Mine Breakdown Chambers]]
== Zone 3: ''{{Linkable EntryAnchor|Cursed Mine Lower Galleries}}'' ==
[[File:OB-Map-CursedMine03.jpg|thumb|right|215px|Cursed Mine Lower Galleries]]