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'''Ulthorn the Hound''' is a [[ON:Bosmer|Bosmer]] [[ON:Werewolf|werewolf]] who leads the [[ON:Houndsmen|Houndsmen]], a group of [[ON:Hircine|Hircine]] followers that are terrorizing [[ON:Malabal Tor|Malabal Tor]] and seek to overthrow the [[ON:Indaenir|Silvenar]]. Prior to forming the Houndsmen, he was known just as Ulthorn and was a close friend of [[ON:Gwaering|Gwaering]] before she became [[Online:The Green Lady|the Green Lady]].
==Related Quests==
*{{Quest Link|Reap What Is Sown}}
*{{Quest Link|RestoreThe Tale of the SilvenarGreen Lady}}
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*{{Quest Link|The Ties that Bind}}
*{{Quest Link|Restore the Silvenar}}
==Quest-Related Events==
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* He appears under various names in different locations; as '''The Hound''' in Reap What Is Sown and Restore the Silvenar; as '''Ulthorn''' in The Tale of the Green Lady and
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The Ties that Bind; and as '''Ulthorn the Hound''' in A Tale Forever Told.
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