Skyrim:Nix-Hound (creature)

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Bugs: I guess this should be left unconfirmed until it has happened to someone else than me, too.
{{bug|Do not bring the nix-hound to [[SR:Druadach Redoubt|Druadach Redoubt]] after siding with [[SR:Madanach|Madanach]] during the quest [[SR:No One Escapes Cidhna Mine|No One Escapes Cidhna Mine]], as it will be hostile towards the friendly Forsworn there.|confirmed=1}}
**{{pc22}} Adding the nix-hound to the [[SR:DruadachRedoubtFaction|DruadachRedoubtFaction]] faction (RefID <code>E3609</code>) will fix this problem.
{{bug|The nix-hound will start giving you items as soon as the creation has been activated, even before you have finished the introduction quest and purchased it.|confirmed=10}}