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|loc=near the [[Online:Rimmen Necropolis|Rimmen Necropolis]]
'''Aneshi the Shrine Keeper''' is a [[Online:Khajiit|Khajiit]] found near the [[Online:Rimmen Necropolis|Rimmen Necropolis]].


==Related Quests==
* {{Quest Link|Two Queens}}

===Two Queens===
Arrive at Aneshi's location near the Rimmen Necropolis and Khamira will meet you there:
:'''[[Online:Khamira|Khamira]] : ''' ''"Five-claw! I decided to join you. Aneshi deserves to hear that I still live in my own words."''
:'''[[Online:Aneshi the Shrine Keeper|Aneshi the Shrine Keeper]] : ''' ''"Welcome to Aneshi's humble shrine to Khunzar-ri. Here, we remember the tales of the hero of ancient Elsweyr."''

Speak to him and he'll say:
:''"Old Aneshi doesn't get many visitors, friend. Few find much comfort in the ancient tales of [[Lore:Khunzar-ri|Khunzar-ri]] during these trying times.<br>Wait. Aneshi recognizes your friend! She is grown now, more serious, but this one knows Princess Khamira, by Jode!"''
:'''She's Queen Khamira now, and she remembers you, too. We need your help.'''
:''"Aneshi's beloved wife, Zaima, worked with the militia for a time after we avoided [[Online:Euraxia Tharn|Euraxia's]] purge of the palace. Passed along information until the [[Online:Euraxians|Euraxians]] caught her. They killed her in the palace courtyard.<br>If Aneshi can help, he will do so."''
:'''We're going to assault [[Online:Rimmen Palace|Rimmen Palace]], but we need a way to slip inside without being spotted.'''
:''"Then you need to enter the palace crypts. A forgotten passage in the crypts leads to the royal kitchens.<br>Aneshi will write down directions to where he hid his master key. The key opens a door in the sewer under the palace that leads to the crypts."''
:'''I'll take the directions and go find your master key.'''

Finish the conversation and Aneshi will address Khamira:
:'''Aneshi the Shrine Keeper : ''' ''"Jode above, old Aneshi can hardly believe his eyes! Princess Khamira!"''
:'''Khamira : ''' ''"It is truly me, castellan, but I am Queen Khamira now. We will throw the usurper from my father's throne."''
:'''Aneshi the Shrine Keeper : ''' ''"We stayed close to the castle. Zaima, my brave and beloved wife, she passed information to the militia until the vile Euraxians caught her."''
:'''Aneshi the Shrine Keeper : ''' ''"After that, Aneshi came here to restore this ancient shrine. This one will help you as best he can, my queen."''

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