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{{Pre-Release}}{{Mod Header|Wrathstone}}{{Online NPC Summary
|image=ON-npc-Blazing Auroran.jpg
|imgdesc=A Blazing Auroran guarding the Dark Orb
|loc=Halls of Garlas Malatar, [[ON:Depths of Malatar|Depths of Malatar]]
|health={{ESO Veteran|normal=103144103,144|veteran={{huh401,911}}<br >{{ESO Veteran|normal=|veteran=501,537}} (Empowered)
A '''Blazing AuroranAurorans''' is aare red [[ON:Auroran|Auroran]]s fought during the battle with the [[ON:Dark Orb|Dark Orb]] in the [[ON:Depths of Malatar|Depths of Malatar]]. As with the other Aurorans, it cannotwill becontinuously killedspawn until the Dark Orb is destroyed as itand will regenerate its health too quickly. Itto isbe thekilled finala Auroranmajority toof appear,the battle. Upon being empowered by their [[ON:Blazing Orb|corresponding chromatic orb]] during thecombat battlethey will gain more health, thoughand destroying theit relatedprevents orbit willfrom makeregenerating health, making it weakervulnerable to attack.
{{Online NPC Summary
|health={{ESO Veteran|normal=4813448,134|veteran={{huh281,338}}<br>{{ESO Veteran|veteran=351,672}} (Hardmode)
==Related Quests==
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==Skills and Abilities==