Online:The Weeping Woman

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|loc=Ruins of Garlas Malatar, [[ON:Depths of Malatar|Depths of Malatar]]
|health={{ESO Veteran|normal=16839861,683,986|veteran=45112484,511,248}}
*{{Quest Link|The Guiding Light}}
*{{Quest Link|Pledge: Depths of Malatar}}
==Skills and Abilities==
;Frost Bolt: A standard ranged attack
;Gelid Globe
;Shivering Swat
;Summon Frost Atronach
;Awaken Stone Watcher{{vn|plain}}
;Entering combat:
:''"For [[ON:Meridia|her]], we kept it hidden from [[ON:Ayleid|our brethren]] and {{Lore Link|Alessian Slave Rebellion|buried them}} with our tears. Here you too will drown."''
:''"You won't take it. Not after all our sacrifice."''
:''"All their pleas fell on deaf ears. I can still hear their desperation."''
:''"She told us to protect it, no matter the cost."''
:''"We had to keep it from them, no matter how much they needed it."''
:''"We stood by as {{Lore Link|Ayleid Empire|our empire}} crumbled, but it remains here. That's all that matters."''
;In battle:
:''"My tears cling to everything, and drown it in my sorrow."''
:''"You won't take it. Not after all our sacrifice."''
:''"There is no choking down this bile!"''
:''"Weep as I do!"''
:''"This is our anguish!"''
:''"Share in our grief, forever."''
:''"Gloom hangs over us all."''
:''"Feel the weight of our loss!"''
:''"A cold heart does not numb this pain!"''
:''"The guiding light burns everyone who reaches too closely."''
:''"Their sacrifice was not in vain."''
:''"Who will weep for you?"''
;Group wiped
==Skills and Abilities==
:''"I have no tears left for you."''
:''"You have paid the price they paid."''