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|lorename=noneNa-Kesh's Journal
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Sap. That is what these thin-shelled fools call it. As if such a substance could ever be compared to {{Lore Link|Nirn}}-tainted resin. No, it is much more than sap.
"Amber Plasm." That is what one of the scholars called it before I fed him to {{Lore Link|Mighty Chudan}}. He said that it was like the chaotic creatia of {{Lore Link|Oblivion}}—leaking into {{Lore Link|Mundus}} through our {{Lore Link|Hist}} like blood from a wound. These dry-tongues and their airs—as if anyone could know the secrets of the Hist better than I!
The plasm has accumulated at the roots of the {{Lore Link|Tsono-Xuhil}} since before the {{Lore Link|Saxhleel}} could lift a spade, but only I have discovered its secrets. Drinking it or bathing in it can drive a Saxhleel mad. But through alchemical study, and the Hist's guidance, I have learned to harness its power. This was no small feat. The creatia is a thing of chaos. The call to {{Lore Link|Sithis}} is in its nature. But we must remain deaf to his commands. Those Saxhleel who call him father languish in mud huts and eat old fish from wooden bowls. The {{Lore Link|Xit-Xaht}} hear the call to order, and shall dwell in a shining city forever more!
If properly manipulated, the Amber Plasm can grant a worthy Saxhleel great speed and strength. I am proof of its efficacy. Soon, my brew will be ready to distribute to all Xit-Xaht sons and daughters. Then Mazzatun will be a rival even to the {{Lore Link|Imperial City}}! The People of the Root will rule {{Lore Link|Black Mars}}h first, then all of {{Lore Link|Tamriel}}!
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