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Gameplay Differences: They seem to have some special edition features.
* Gesture controls are available for melee combat. Swinging the left or right joy-con controller will attack with an equipped weapon in that hand or [[Skyrim:Block|block]] with an equipped shield. Swinging more forcefully performs a [[Skyrim:Combat#Power Attacks|power attack]] or [[Skyrim:Block#Bashing|shield bash]].
* Gesture and controller rumble have been incorporated into [[Skyrim:Lockpicking|lockpicking]]. While standard left and right thumbstick controls can still be used, holding ZL and rotating the left joy-con will rotate the [[Skyrim:Lockpick#Lockpick|pick]], while holding ZR and rotating the right joy-con will attempt to turn the lock. Rumble represents the lock as a series of "notches," vibrating as the pick rotates across them, with a slightly stronger vibrating effect on the notches surrounding the sweet spot. The more difficult the lock, the more notches are present. This can make lockpicking substantially easier than on other versions of the game.
* Saved games are now categorized for each character and grouped and displayed separately on the main menu.
* [[Skyrim:Torturer's Hood|Torturer's Hood]]s are now marked as playable and can be obtained as loot from the [[Skyrim:Torturer|Torturer]] and generic [[Skyrim:Thief (Wilderness)|Thief]] NPCs. They could not be obtained or used in the original release.
==Interface Differences==
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