Lore:Ahemmusa Tribe

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During {{Lore Link|the Blight}} outbreak in {{Year|3E 427}}, the Ahemmusa Camp had established their camp on the northern tip of the {{Lore Link|Grazelands}}. The Blight would lead to the death of the Ahemmusa's Ashkhan, who would be replaced by their Wise Woman, {{Lore Link|Sinnammu Mirpal}}. The Ahemmusa would be driven from their hunting grounds and threatened by nearby creatures.{{Ref|[[Morrowind:Sul-Matuul|Sul-Matuul]]'s dialogue in [[Morrowind:Morrowind|Morrowind]]}} Sinnammu Mirpal would focus on moving the Ahemmusa once again, primarily to the island ruins of {{Lore Link|Ald Daedroth}}. She would employ the help of the aspiring {{Lore Link|Nerevarine}}, who would clear the ruins from a cult of {{Lore Link|Sheogorath}} worshippers. When the warrior returned successfully, Mirpal had recognized them as the ''Nerevarine'', and awarded them the {{Lore Link|Madstone of the Ahemmusa}}.{{Ref|[[Morrowind:Ahemmusa Nerevarine|Ahemmusa Nerevarine]] quest in [[Morrowind:Morrowind|Morrowind]]}}
==Known Ashkhans==
*{{Lore Link|Nalor Ahemmusa}}
*Unnamed Ashkhan ({{Year|3E 427}})