Online:Tree-Minder Na-Kesh

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|drops=[[ONOnline:Leviathan Scrimshaw|Leviathan Scrimshaw]], [[Online:Mazzatun Style|Mazzatun Style pages]] (on veteran difficulty), [[Online:Mighty Chudan (set)|Mighty Chudan]] helm of any weight (on veteran difficulty)
'''Tree-Minder Na-Kesh''' is the leader of the [[ON:Argonian|Argonian]] [[ON:Xit-Xaht|Xit-Xaht]] tribe. She is responsible for the mad {{Lore Link|Hist}} at the [[ON:Ruins of Mazzatun|Ruins of Mazzatun]], and is performing cruel alchemical experiments with {{Lore Link|Amber Plasm|amber plasm}}. She serves as the final boss of the dungeon.
She is the only enemy that drops [[ON:Leviathan Scrimshaw|Leviathan Scrimshaw]]. She has a chance to drop [[Online:Mazzatun Style|Mazzatun Style pages]] on veteran difficulty, with a guaranteed drop from hard mode and a 50% chance for a page to drop from non-hard mode
==Skills and Abilities==
;Hist Hallucinations: The Tree-Minder targets one player and causes them to hallucinate, making the statues on the edge of the arena glow and their vision to go wonky. While targeted, you must find the real [[Online:Avatar of the Hist|Avatar of the Hist]] and destroy it. Your allies can activate a synergy to reveal the real avatar on normal, but on veteran hardmode, you need to communicate to find it. A good strategy without using voice communications is for the tank to run over to the real one, which will be glowing for those with normal vision.
;Hist Hallucinations:
==Related Quests==
*{{Quest Link|Pledge: Ruins of Mazzatun}}
When approached she can be heard praying to her Hist.
:'''Tree-Minder Na-Kesh:''' ''"Tsono-Xuhil! Mother root, father stone——grant me your strength!"''
While summoning a totem:
When dousing a player with Amber plasm to initiate Hist Hallucinations:
When combat is initiated: