Lore:Ahemmusa Tribe

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[[File:ON-banner-Ahemmusa.png|thumb|right|150px|Ahemmusa Tribe banner]]
:''"The Ahemmusa are among the most peaceful of Ashlander tribes and the weakest in terms of amassing any sort of warband. They wear light clothing, often adorned with small shells, scales and even netting. Their weapons are more like tools, simple knives and spears they can use to work as well as defend themselves if need be. They prefer to keep to themselves and be left alone, living out their lives hunting, herding, and especially fishing."'' — {{Lore Link|Ulran Releth}}, ''"{{Lore Link|Ashlander Tribes and Customs}}"''</noinclude>
The {{Lore Link|Ahemmusa Tribe}} is one of the four distinct tribes of the {{Lore Link|Ashlander}}s of {{Lore Link|Vvardenfell}}, in the province of {{Lore Link|Morrowind}}. The Ahemmusa are some of the most peaceful tribes in Vvardenfell and other parts of Morrowind, but they also like to be isolated and kept to themselves. They are hunters, herders, and mostly fishermen that live off the fat of the land. Because they are proficient fishers, they can be found in their own settlement, the {{Lore Link|'''Ahemmusa Camp}}''', which is normally found in coastal areas. Their clothing reflects this as well, when it consists of seashells, scales, and netting.{{Ref|name=Customs|{{Cite Book|Ashlander Tribes and Customs}}}} The rare Ashen Fern is used by the Ahemmusa Tribe to mask their scent when hunting.{{Ref|The description of the [[Online:Morrowind Quest Items|Ashen Fern]] quest item in [[Online:Morrowind|ESO: Morrowind]]}}<noinclude>
During the {{Lore Link|Interregnum}} around {{Year|2E 583}}, the Ahemmusa Tribe had established their camp in the {{Lore Link|Bitter Coast}}, when the Great Houses of {{Lore Link|Redoran}} and {{Lore Link|Telvanni}} had established settlements across their former territory.{{Ref|name=Customs}} The tribe would occasionally gather at the encampment of Ald'ruhn. The blessing of Nalor Ahemmusa, along with the other First Ashkhans, was what allowed House Dunmer to mingle with the Ashlanders, which would subsequently lead to the founding of the city of Ald'ruhn.{{Ref|[[Online:Ancestral Ties|Ancestral Ties]] quest in [[Online:Morrowind|ESO: Morrowind]]}}
During {{Lore Link|the Blight}} outbreak in {{Year|3E 427}}, the Ahemmusa Camp had established their camp on the northern tip of the {{Lore Link|Grazelands}}. The Blight would lead to the death of the Ahemmusa's Ashkhan, who would be replaced by their Wise Woman, {{Lore Link|Sinnammu Mirpal}}. The Ahemmusa would be driven from their hunting grounds and threatened by nearby creatures.{{Ref|[[Morrowind:Sul-Matuul|Sul-Matuul]]'s dialogue in [[Morrowind:Morrowind|Morrowind]]}} Sinnammu Mirpal would focus on moving the Ahemmusa once again, primarily to the island ruins of {{Lore Link|Ald Daedroth}}. She would employ the help of the aspiring {{Lore Link|Nerevarine}}, who would clear the ruins from a cult of {{Lore Link|Sheogorath}} worshippers. When the warrior returned successfully, Mirpal had recognized them as the ''Nerevarine'', and awarded them the {{Lore Link|Madstone of the Ahemmusa}}.{{Ref|[[Morrowind:Ahemmusa Nerevarine|Ahemmusa Nerevarine]] quest in [[Morrowind:Morrowind|Morrowind]]}}
ON-activity-Ashlander Cairn.jpg|Nalor Ahemmusa's Cairn
ON-place-Ahemmusa Camp.jpg|Ahemmusa Camp circa 2E 583
MW-place-Ahemmusa Camp.jpg|Ahemmusa Camp circa 3E 427
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