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'''Sadal''' is one of the Brothers of Strife, a [[Online:Bone Colossus|bone colossus]] with magical fire attacks. He was created out of desperation by [[Online:Chimer|Chimer]] wizards in the [[Lore:First Era|First Era]]. Sadal became a menace to [[Online:Stonefalls|Stonefalls]], and was ultimately imprisoned within the [[Online:Tormented Spire|Tormented Spire]].
In life, {{Lore Link|Legate Sadal|Sadal}} was an ancient Chimer general during the Battle of Red Mountain in the [[Lore:First Era|First Era]]. With Stonefalls occupied by the Nedes and the Chimer army cut off from reinforcements, grim prospects awaited the army. Sadal and his brother Balreth, along with a small force of elite troops and sorcerers, decided to retreat to an ancient Daedric ruin. It was here that they sacrificed themselves and became the Brothers of Strife. They transformed themselves into powerful bone colossi. Although their sacrifice ended the war, the brothers went on a bloody rampage, killing both Nede and Chimer alike. Sadal was ultimately defeated and imprisoned within the Tormented Spire.