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==Related Quests==
*{{Quest Link|The Brothers Will Rise}}
:''"Honor to you, soldier. I'll take the bloody offerings and ready them for the ritual.<br>Are you prepared for the next step?"''
:'''Yes. What do I do next?'''
:''"Kill the Daedra at the nearby ruins. Take what we need from them."''
:'''I'll do as you ask.'''
:''"We are gathering the essences of these Daedra. Speak with the acolytes. They know how to summon them."''
:'''Can you explain more about the ritual?'''
:''"You're only a soldier, so I'll spare you the details. We're infusing the blood of our enemies and the Daedric essences you collect into our chosen vessels.<br>The general and his brother have volunteered themselves for this ... sacrifice."''
:'''What do you mean by "sacrifice"?'''
:''"The general and his brother will die—the power they receive will consume them. But they will be reborn, more fearsome than even the mightiest horde of Nede warriors.<br>We, the Chimer, will win this day."''
After returning with the essence:
:''"We haven't much time, soldier. Those savages could break our lines at any moment."''
Before speaking to General Balreth:
:''"We have the essences of wrath and fire from the Daedra. We have the hearts of the dead. We've completed our preparations.<br>The ritual can begin."''
Before praying at the brazier:
:''"Pray at the fire, soldier. You shall have the honor of ushering in the Chimer's finest hour."''
During the ritual:
:'''Sorcerer Turoni:''' ''"For the Chimer! For Veloth!"''
** Workaround