Online:Adras Furari

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'''Adras Furari''' is a [[ON:Dunmer|Dunmer]] found in the town of [[ON:Heimlyn Keep|Heimlyn Keep]]. He's locatedcan be found at the makeshift camp outside the main gate with other [[Online:Cursed Citizen|cursed citizens]] and [[Online:Field Assistant|field assistants]] after being rescued from his [[Online:Adras Furari's House|home]]. His son was taken by the spellplague, which he was there to witness.
*{{Quest Link|The Curse of Heimlyn Keep}}
:''"Please, help me. My son died before my very eyes. What do I do?"''
:'''Try to calm down. The totem's aura will protect you.'''
::''"I'll try. But I'll never forgive the Covenant for my son's death."''