Skyrim:Ring of Namira

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Blessing stays in effect even with the ring unequipped
|enchant=''[[Skyrim:Stamina|Stamina]] is [[Skyrim:Fortify Stamina|increased]] by 50 points. Feeding on corpses grants you increased [[Skyrim:Health|Health]] and [[Skyrim:Regenerate Health|Health regeneration]] for five minutes.''
The [[Skyrim:Ring of Namira|Ring of Namira]] is a Daedric Artifact given to you by [[Lore:Namira|Namira]] as a reward for completing [[Skyrim:The Taste of Death|The Taste of Death]]. When equipped, the ring grants a [[Skyrim:Fortify Stamina|Fortify Stamina]] effect which boosts the bearer's [[Skyrim:Stamina|stamina]] by fifty points. As an added bonus, the ring also grants its wearer the ability to eat the corpses of humanoid enemies which are one of the playable [[Skyrim:Races|races]]. If the wearer consumes a corpse, thea ringblessing will grant additional 50 points of [[Skyrim:Health|health]] and 50% [[Skyrim:Regenerate Health|health regeneration]] for five minutes, lasting even after the ring is unequipped. This may provoke comments from guards, such as ''"Ugh. Your breath is foul. What've you been eating?"'' Also feeding off a body, if witnessed, constitutes an [[SR:Crime|assault]], and doing so in front of a guard may prompt them to attack you.
The Ring of Namira becomes much more useful with [[SR:Survival Mode|Survival Mode]]{{CC|Survival Mode}} enabled, as it allows you to easily reduce your [[SR:Hunger|hunger]] by feeding on dead NPCs.