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'''The Weeping Woman''' is a [[ON:Leimenid|leimenid]] [[ON:Nereid|Nereid]] that serves as the second boss of the [[ON:Depths of Malatar|Depths of Malatar]]. Found in a room in the Ruins of Garlas Malatar, surrounded by the ice statues of [[ON:Auroran|Auroran]]s and other victims, she seeks to take the [[Lore:Wrathstone|Wrathstone]] back from you. She may summon [[ON:Frost AtronachsAtronach|Frost AtronachsAtronach]]s awaken the [[ON:Stone Watcher|Stone Watcher]]s present in the room to aid her during the fight. An unnatural permafrost blocks the passage out of the room, which will only melt after she has been killed.
{{Online NPC Summary
|image=<!--ON-npc-The Weeping Woman.jpg-->
|imgdesc=The Weeping Woman before her transformation
|loc=Ruins of Garlas Malatar
|health={{ESO Health|ncf}}
|reaction=Friendly (before transformation)
Initially, the Weeping Woman is a frozen{{vn|plain}} [[ON:Ayleid|Ayleid]] woman, lamenting the sacrifice of her people. She walks to the center of the room and shatters into chunks of ice, returning as a leimenid.
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