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== Carpenter's Workbench Bug ==
I have the common bug with the Carpenter's Workbench in the Main Hall at Heljarchen: items that I have already built are listed in the Carpenter's Workbench. I don't know how far back I would have to go in game saves before this started, and I have already had to go back to an earlier save when the double bed in the Bedroom wing at Lakeview bugged out in the Carpenter's Workbench. If I ignore the items that I have already built and build the last remaining items for Heljarchen's Main Hall, am I likely to get bugged Carpenter's Workbenches for Heljarchen's Cellar and the remaining wings there and at Lakeview? I have built and fully furnished Windstad Manor. I have not built a north wing at Lakeview, but I have built and fully furnished everything else there. At Heljarchen, I have fully furnished the Entryway and was waiting until the Main Hall was fully furnished to do any more building at that site. So Heljarchen Hall does not yet have any of the wings or the Cellar. If the glitch with the Main Hall's Carpenter's Workbenches only affects Carpenter's Workbenches in the Main Halls, I should be okay, but if it can spill over into the Carpenter's Workbenches for the wings or the Cellar, I could be in trouble.
Dear Bethesda, please fix these Carpenter's Workbench bugs. I am beyond sick of this.[[Special:Contributions/|]]
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