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DecreaseDecreases the target's Aggression (inclination to attack). EnemiesIf the target was attacking, they will stop moving and wonwill revert to 'peaceful't performbehaviour, anyalthough actions. Theythey will still be aware of your presence. Attacking the target will dispel the charm. Calm is actually two spells, '''Calmand Creature''',may whichoccasionally worksturn ontowards allyou non-undead,as non-Daedraif creatures,to non-mechanicalattack. creatures,Attacking andthem '''Calmwill Humanoid''',not whichdispel worksthe oncalm NPCseffect.
Calm is actually two spells, '''Calm Creature''', which works on all non-undead, non-Daedra creatures, non-mechanical creatures, and '''Calm Humanoid''', which works on NPCs.