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No Double Bed
:I don't think you should restart the game though if you can't fix it. I've done that enough times for silly reasons to know that it's not worth missing out on the later parts of the game to get the early parts "just right". Every playthrough in a game like this is eventually going to accumulate dead NPCs and glitched items. I still worry a bit about dead NPCs but if they do die you can think of that as part of the experience. The developers implemented the halls of the dead system for a reason, after all. You won't miss out on any quests worth remembering. —[[User:Dillonn241|Dillonn241]] ([[User talk:Dillonn241|talk]]) 13:37, 27 January 2019 (UTC)
::I didn't restart the game, but when I finally decided to try again, I went back to an earlier save. And found a brand new glitch. It wasn't that one small glitch, it was that one small glitch on top of all the other ones.[[Special:Contributions/|]] 19:55, 8 February 2019 (UTC)
::{{ec}}Uninstall and then reinstall the game, that might fix a few things. If you just want to finish the game once, then stop worrying about trying to do it perfectly, its almost impossible on a first go, and unfortunately unlikely in a Bethesda game due to their size and scope. In terms of saves, just use a few, and utilise the auto-saves more. Save before a quest, and if everything is ok, then overwrite that save afterwards. If you are trying to get trophies/achievements then use saves for the ones that might glitch or have problems, such as the deadric quests. If you just want to finish the main stories, then do them, forget about perfection, save that for when you have more experience of the game. It is always much more frustrating trying to do everything on a first playthrough, you are better off knocking the difficulty down to easy, rush through the main quests, learn more about how to take down enemies quicker and more efficiently with better weapons, then restart on a harder difficulty, take your time, know what skills you use/need most, and enjoy as much of the game as you can experience. PS. You might want to check out [[SR:Quest Timing]] (particularly the conflicts section). If you are really stuck you can also look to the Mods available, though they will disable trophies if that is your aim. [[User:The Silencer|<font color="B8860B">Silence is Golden</font>]]<sup>[[User talk:The Silencer|<font color="800000">Break the Silence</font>]]</sup> 13:41, 27 January 2019 (UTC)
:::I've reloaded from an earlier save, finished furnishing the bedroom wing at Lakeview Manor, adopted Alesan, and confirmed that I can give him gifts. I have to redo the Companions questline from the Glenmoril witches, but that's not as far back as I feared, and it gives me a chance to do a couple of things differently. I have to redo Movarth's Lair, rebuild Windstad Manor, rescue Orthorn again, and redo the Conjuration Ritual quest for Phinis Gestur, but it beats looking at that missing chest for the rest of the game and wondering what other associated glitches are hidden along with it. By the way, this is not my first attempt to get through this game; I'm now on my EIGHTH attempt.[[Special:Contributions/|]]
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