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No Double Bed
I decided it was time to think about family, so I built the child's beds and chests at Lakeview Manor and adopted Alesan. I can't adopt Sofie until I can purchase the Merchant perk or I will be unable to give her gifts.
Then I realized the double bed is no longer listed in the carpenter's workbench in the bedroom wing at Lakeview Manor. I opened the workbench again and again until it glitched and showed ALL the bedroom furnishings as if nothing had been built. I built the double bed, but the chest that is supposed to go at it's foot didn't get put in the menu for the carpenter's workbench. I cannot figure out how to get that chest to appear in the workbench menu. So I either live without that chest along with all the other things that don't get built properly in Hearthfire houses, or I replay more than half of what I've already done with this character to include the entire Companions questline, and not only do I hate forced followers, I particularly hate Aela as a follower. But if I don't get that chest built, it will grate on me every time I enter the room, and the despawn bug is already a source of constant frustration.. And I'm on a Playstation, so I am unable to do Bethesda's debugging for them using console commands.
I think I'm reaching my limit for tolerating the glitches in Skyrim. I keep running into bugs I can't fix without going so far back in saves that I might as well start over. I'd keep more saves, but I've already hit the maximum save count on one playthrough attempt and found out how many problems that can cause. And if I have to keep restarting the game every time I hit a glitch I cannot fix or work around, I'll never finish this stupid game. Is there any way to fix this missing chest at the foot of the double bed in the Bedroom wing on a Playstation?
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