Skyrim:Fellglow Keep

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[[File:SR-place-FellglowKeep_StoneLocation.jpg|thumb|Location of Unusual Gem]]To the left of the last sarcophagus is a passage leading up to a door to ''Fellglow Keep''. Through the door is a passage with a dresser ahead with a small coin purse, a random empty soul gem and a common book on top. To the right is a flight of stairs leading up to another door. This door opens into another room containing two mages and a flame atronach. There is a damaged altar with a [[Skyrim:Shrines#Shrine of Talos|shrine of Talos]] that can still be used. Behind the damaged statue is a random [[Skyrim:Greatsword|greatsword]] stuck into the rubble. To the right of this is a plinth with a copy of the [[Skyrim:Conjuration|Conjuration]] [[Skyrim:Skill Books|skill book]] ''[[Skyrim:The Doors of Oblivion|The Doors of Oblivion]]'' on top. There are four filled petty soul gems in holders on the floor in a square overlaid with four lit candles, presumably for some form of ritual, while to the right of this are several wooden benches facing east towards another door.
The door opens into a small room containing a necromancer seated at a table. There is a large fireplace on the right, beside a counter with an [[Skyrim:Apothecary's Satchel|apothecary's satchel]], a couple of food sacks and a cabbage on top. By the fireplace is a flower basket containing a sample of [[Skyrim:White Cap|white cap]] and scaly pholiota fungi. There are three small tables with chairs and one long table and a bench in the room. One of which has a bottle of alto wine on top. To the north is a wide doorway into a passage. In the northwest corner is a cupboard holding a basket containing three sheaves of [[Skyrim:Wheat|wheat]]. To the right is a dresser. Against the south wall is a crate with a woodcutter's axe on top. The passage heads east, passing a small unit holding a [[Skyrim:Gourd|gourd]] and food sack and a long wooden table with a random potion of healing, a bottle of wine, a portion of grilled leeks and a [[Skyrim:Baked Potatoes|baked potato]] on top. To the north is an alcove with a locked door to ''Fellglow Keep Dungeons''. The door, which cannot be picked and requires a key to open, iopensopens at the top of the stairs in the dungeon where Orthorn was held. On the left on top of some unusable barrels is a random [[Skyrim:Battleaxe|battleaxe]].
Ahead the passage passes through a door into a room on two levels. You enter into the lower level and to the right is a flight of stairs up to the upper level where you will find a mage and [[Skyrim:Familiar|Familiar]] or [[Skyrim:Atronach|atronach]]. On the lower level are two doors: one to the north and another to the east. The door to the north leads outside but is locked and requires a key. There are two long wooden tables and benches in the middle of the room and several sets of shelves, cupboards and a dresser around the room which hold a random [[Skyrim:Potion of Minor Magicka|potion of magicka]], a bottle of alto wine, two bottles of wine, a salt pile, a [[Skyrim:Deathbell|deathbell]] flower hidden in a cast iron pot, a bowl of bone meal, eleven common books, and a sack of food. There is also a small counter with a cabbage, [[Skyrim:Carrot|carrot]] and sack of food on top. The upper level has a cupboard holding two potatoes and a bottle of ale and a set of shelves holding two bottle of both alto wine and wine and two pieces of cheese. Three doors lead off this level to the east, south and west.
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