Skyrim:Fellglow Keep

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=== Fellglow Keep Dungeons ===
The entry leads into a narrow passage that has suffered quite a lot of damage, with fallen stones blocking part of a short flight of stairs leading down to the east. There is a dresser and barrel on your immediate left with a common [[Skyrim:Books|book]] and an [[Skyrim:Iron Dagger|iron dagger]] on top, while on your right is a bucket containing two samples of [[Skyrim:Scaly Pholiota|scaly pholiota]] fungus. There are numerous barrels and sacks containing [[Skyrim:Ingredients|ingredients]] and [[Skyrim:Food|food]] throughout the dungeon and keep. At the bottom of the stairs there is an [[Skyrim:Iron Battleaxe|iron battleaxe]] on the ground. The passage enters a small room that is partially flooded, where a [[Skyrim:Nordic Barnacle|Nordic barnacle]] is growing on some masonry on the ground, while among some rubble on the right is an [[Skyrim:Iron Mace|iron mace]]. The passage continues to the southwest, through an open door. There is a [[Skyrim:Bear Trap|bear trap]] in front of the door with a second trap a short way along the next passage. Ahead is another partially flooded room,. thisThis onenext room has a balcony to the left where an [[Skyrim:Ice Mage|ice mage]] is standing on guard with two [[Skyrim:Frostbite Spider|frostbite spiders]] or [[Skyrim:Skeever|skeevers]]. There are two more Nordic barnacles and, three loose [[Skyrim:Slaughterfish Egg|slaughterfish eggeggs]], clusters in this room as well asand at least four salmon swimming in the flood water. There are many crates and unusable barrels around the room, on the balcony and throughout the dungeon and keep, with many items of clutter among them. There are stairs along the rear wall leading up to the balcony. In the southern corner is a long wooden table with a [[Skyrim:Goat Hide|goat hide]], bottle of ale, portion of grilled leeks, and an iron dagger on top. Behind the table, among thick cobwebs is a [[Skyrim:Blue Butterfly Wing|blue butterfly wing]], while beside it is a counter with two [[Skyrim:Petty Soul Gem|petty soul gems]] and, a random empty [[Skyrim:Soul Gems|soul gemsgem]], and a common book on top. In front of the counter is a pair of [[Skyrim:Iron Boots|iron boots]] and a basket containing a [[Skyrim:Leg of Goat|leg of goat]]. Against the northeast wall is a set of shelves holding a [[Skyrim:Potion of Healing|potion of healing]], a [[Skyrim:Potion of Minor Magicka|potion of minor magicka]], five common books, a [[Skyrim:Leather Strips|leather strip]], three bottles of [[Skyrim:Alto Wine|alto wine]] and four bottles of [[Skyrim:Wine|wine]]. To the left is a small square table with two more common books and a random pair of [[Skyrim:Gauntlets|gauntlets]] on top, while to the right of the shelves are two pieces of [[Skyrim:Firewood|firewood]].
To the southeast is a passage leading down a few steps to a T-junction with a [[Skyrim:Pressure Plate|pressure plate]] on the ground. This triggers a [[Skyrim:Dart Trap|poison dart trap]] from the right. Passageways lead to the left and straight on. The latter ascends a few steps before turning to the right. There is an end table by the turn with a random [[Skyrim:Potion of Minor Stamina|potion of stamina]] on top. Around the corner is a closed wooden door into a small room containing an apprentice-locked [[Skyrim:Chest|chest]], a set of shelves holding an [[Skyrim:Iron Armor|iron cuirass]], a random cuirass and an [[Skyrim:Iron Warhammer|iron warhammer]], with a random [[Skyrim:Shield|shield]] in front. Beside this is another small end table with a leather strip on top.
Back at the junction, take care as a few paces along the passage to the left is a [[Skyrim:Elemental Rune|shock rune]] trap on the ground (''Note'': this rune has been reported to be invisible at times, so tread carefully; additionally, if you trigger it from a distance, it may alert the mage in the next room). Beyond this is a food barrel with a [[Skyrim:Flute|flute]] on top by an open door that leads into a larger room with four cells along the far wall. To the right of the door is a torture rack and hanging from the ceiling is a small cage. There is a mage around the corner to the right. Three of the cells have captive leveled [[Skyrim:Vampire|vampires]] locked in them. You can either kill each of the vampires with ranged magic or a [[Skyrim:Bow|bow]], or if you unlock the cells they will rush through the door to the southeast and attack a group of mages that have been performing dissections on a pair of [[Skyrim:Master Vampire|master vampires]], a [[Skyrim:Khajiit (dead)|Khajiit]] and [[Skyrim:Nord|Nord]]. The vampires will then leave the dungeon without attacking you (unless you attack them first). The cells are all apprentice-locked and can either be [[Skyrim:Lockpicking|lockpicked]] or on the southeast wall, to the right of a wooden door are four levers that each open one of the cells. The vampires may be carrying useful items including [[Skyrim:Potions|potions]]. There is a [[Skyrim:Steel Warhammer|steel warhammer]] leaning against the wall by the rack. Under the levers is a dresser with a set of [[Skyrim:Clothes|clothes]] and a [[Skyrim:Hat|hat]] on top. To the right of this is a long wooden table with an iron dagger, a common book, a [[Skyrim:Salt Pile|salt pile]], five loose [[Skyrim:Gold|septims]] and an [[Skyrim:Emerald|emerald]],; some of these are in a wooden bowl. Beside the table is a set of shelves holding a random [[Skyrim:Mace|mace]], a medium coin purse, two common books, a bottle of alto wine, a bottle of wine, and two bottles of ale. Against the northwest wall, beside some rubble from a cave-in is a stack of crates with an [[Skyrim:Iron War Axe|iron war axe]] on top.
The next room contains three mages, who will be dealt with by the vampires if you released them,; otherwise you may be in for a difficult fight. There are four wooden tables in the room with experiments on top;: two with dead master vampires on top, against the northwest wall and in the middle of the room between two pillars, a third with a dead Khajiit on top against the southeast wall, and the final table against the northeast wall with a dead Nord on top. The first three have leveled mages standing beside them. On youyour right as you enter is a table with a set of working shackles on top and beside this, against the southwest wall is a set of shelves holding four books and a pair of [[Skyrim:Iron Gauntlets|iron gauntlets]]. To the left is a passage that has caved-in with a patch of [[Skyrim:Namira's Rot|Namira's Rot]] fungus growing among the rubble and to the left of this is a stack of crates with an [[Skyrim:Iron Mace|iron mace]] on top. In the northern corner is a cupboard with two common books and a salt pile on the shelves. There are three small cages hanging from the ceiling,; the one in the southern corner has a dead Khajiit inside, while the others contain only bones. Along the northeast wall is a wooden block with an iron dagger and a salt pile on it, another set of shelves holding six more books and a bowl of [[Skyrim:Bone Meal|bone meal]], and a dresser containing clothes with a random [[Skyrim:Potion of Minor Healing|potion of healing]] on top. In the eastern corner is a wooden door. To the left of the Khajiit against the southeast wall are two more sets of shelves holding four more books, a filled [[Skyrim:Common Soul Gem|common soul gem]] and a sample of [[Skyrim:Bleeding Crown|bleeding crown]] fungus. There is a barrel with a salt pile on top.
Through the door is another caved-in passage with a flight of stairs descending on your right. At the bottom is a round table with a [[Skyrim:Woodcutter's Axe|woodcutter's axe]] on top and the passage opening up to the northeast into another room with cells against the walls. This next room is circular with one mage on guard opposite by a large fireplace. There is a random pair of [[Skyrim:Armor#Boots|boots]] on the hearth and a long wooden table to the right. On the table is an iron dagger, a leather strip and some [[Skyrim:Bread|bread]] and cheese. Opposite the fireplace, against the wall is a set of shelves holding clutter and a random empty soul gem. Beside this is another woodcutter's axe. There are two barrels to the left of the fire with a random [[Skyrim:Helmet|helmet]] on top. There are three levers in the middle of the room that open the three cells to the east, southeast and south. [[Skyrim:Orthorn|Orthorn]] is in the middle cell and two [[Skyrim:Wolf|wolves]] are in the furthest cell unless the mage is able to release them to aid him in fighting you. You can choose whether or not to release Orthorn and even if you take pity on him you are not required to allow him to accompany you. In the northern corner of the cell containing the wolves there is a medium coin purse itthat is difficult to see due to cobwebs.
There are three doors from this room not including the entrance you used. The door to the west opens into a small storeroom containing an apprentice-locked chest, a sideboard with an [[Skyrim:Iron Warhammer|iron warhammer]], an [[Skyrim:Iron Greatsword|iron greatsword]] and a pair of iron gauntlets on top and a set of shelves holding a common book, a [[Skyrim:Thistle Branch|thistle branch]], a salt pile, a medium coin purse, a bottle of wine and a random potion. At the top of the stairs is another dresser containing clothes and a wooden door leadingthat leads to Fellglow Keep thatbut requires a key to open. The third door to the northeast isn't locked. Behind it is a passage with a bucket on the floor on your left, containing a [[Skyrim:Creep Cluster|creep cluster]] and a sprig of [[Skyrim:Elves Ear|elves ear]]. After a few paces the passage is staggered to the right, by a table with an iron dagger on top. The next section is brightly lit and there is a small unit with a bunch of [[Skyrim:Jazbay Grapes|jazbay grapes]] and a leather strip on top. The passage descends a flight of stairs to the northwest. You can hear someone receiving instruction ahead.
At the bottom, the passage turns to the northeast and you will see two mages practicing fire spells, while a third looks on. There are three target lanes opposite,: the one on the right contains a dead vampire in a small hanging cage, the middle one has a practice dummy at the end and the one on the left has a captive vampire in a small hanging cage. There is long wooden table in the middle of the room with a copy of ''[[Skyrim:The Legend of Red Eagle|The Legend of Red Eagle]]'' on top. In the southern corner is a cupboard with seven common books and three food sacks on the shelves. To the left is a dresser containing clothes with an iron dagger on top. The northwestern side of the room has a slightly raised area with a cupboard on the left holding five more common books, a sprig of [[Skyrim:Frost Mirriam|frost mirriam]] and a [[Skyrim:Sliced Goat Cheese|sliced goat cheese]] in a basket. To the right is a small unit partially buried in rubble with an iron mace on a shelf. Between these is a flight of stairs, at the top is another cupboard with a [[Skyrim:Garlic|garlic]] braid and a [[Skyrim:Drum|drum]] on the shelves. The passage turns to the northeast and there is a basket on the right containing a leg of goat and two potatoes. The passage continues to climb two more small flights of stairs up into a lit room containing two leveled [[Skyrim:Necromancer|necromancers]] and rows of a total of eleven sarcophagi along the side walls. theseThe sarcophagi burst open and [[Skyrim:Skeleton|skeletons]] emerge, some rise while others are already dead and can be looted. The last sarcophagus on the right also contains a random filled soul gem and a [[Skyrim:Steel War Axe|steel war axe]]. At the far end is a plinth with a [[Skyrim:Spell Tomes|spell tome]] [[Skyrim:Raise Zombie|raise zombie]] on top. Behind this is a twelfth sarcophagus. To the right is a small room where the ceiling has caved-in, it contains a cupboard with a creep cluster on a shelf, two barrels of ingredients, a set of shelves holding a random filled soul gem, a leather strip and two common books. To the right of these is an unlocked chest.
=== Fellglow Keep ===
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