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==Desired Etiquette==
These are the qualities that are desired of an editor on our project. Some of the rules listed are mandatory to anyone who would like to edit, while otherothers are suggested rules that will allow you to be understood in the community. In any case, following all of these guidelines will prevent you from getting into trouble, and will help you slowly earn respect in the community.
* '''Be bold when editing.''' Everyone has an edit button on the top of the screen. If you find something that can be improved, then improve it! Encourage others, even those who you don't agree with, to do the same.
* '''Be nice when editing.''' Be civil when talking to other people, and treat them with respect and kindness. Encourage others to be nice as well, and be careful not to unintentionally present yourself as being uncivil.
* '''Don't [[UESPWiki:Vandalism|vandalize]].''' Vandalism is defined as the addition, deletion, or alteration of any content made in a deliberate attempt to compromise the integrity of the wiki. Don't mess up pages on purpose. Blanking articles or sections, replacing content with jokes or other nonsense, and sneakily making articles inaccurate is considered vandalism. Any vandalizing edits should be removed and [[UESPWiki:Vandalism|reported]].
* '''[[UESPWiki:Assume Good Faith|Assume good faith]].''' In contrast, assume that others are trying to help the wiki and not harm it unless you have evidence ofto the contrary. Don't ignore bad actions, but try your best to assume that they are wanting to help.
* '''Using decent [[Help:Edit Summary|edit summaries]]''' will prevent confusion. Try to explain ''what'' you did and ''why'' you did it as often as possible. If you need to elaborate, simply conclude your edit summary with "see talk", and promptly explain the edit on the talk page.
* '''When in doubt, discuss.''' [[UESPWiki:Consensus|Consensus]], even if it is between just two people, will aid in the improvement of articles. We have all the time in the world to discuss changes, and we have plenty of places to do it. If you discuss changes before you make them, you can reach a consensus faster and people will have a better understandunderstanding about why you are making the changes.
* '''Sign your comments on talk pages.''' How do people know what comments are yours if you don't sign them? You should add four tildes (<tt>~~<nowiki/>~~</tt>) to the end of all of your comments on talk pages. Just make sure you don't get carried away and do the same thing on main articles, unless of course they are [[:Category:Message Boards|message boards]] such as [[UESPWiki:Community Portal|community portal]].
* '''Adhere to copyright.''' All content on the wiki, except for images, should be compatible with our [[UESPWiki:Copyright_and_Ownership|copyright license]]. You agree that all of your contributions are licensed under the license, and may be edited, altered, or removed by other contributors.