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:I've encountered similar glitches while playing on 360. --[[User:Morrolan|Morrolan]] ([[User talk:Morrolan|talk]]) 20:11, 31 May 2017 (UTC)
== NPCs Not Moving ==
Sometimes certain NPCs will stop moving for no discernible reason.
One of my characters entered Riverwood and found Alvor the blacksmith, his wife Sigrid, and their daughter Dorthe standing unmoving in a line in the street in front of their house. They remained silent instead of saying their usual greetings when I came in range, though they would respond appropriately when I talked to them. I tried bumping against them to get them moving, but none of them would budge. I was able to push them while mounted on a horse, so I pushed Alvor onto his blacksmithing platform, and he regained his merchant dialogue option. I pushed Sigrid and Dorthe onto their front porch and got them inside their house by talking to them and entering the house before they finished replying. None of them has moved since.
A different character of mine entered Riverwood one day and found Dorthe and Frodnar displaying similar behavior. Dorthe was standing just past the campsite established by the Whiterun guards and Frodnar was standing in the street betwwen Alvor's house and the inn. Some weeks later, I exited Cragslane Cavern, fast-travelled to the same site to bring back my free horse from Riften stables, and the horse didn't start to wander off. It also wouldn't walk when I mounted it, but I could fast-travel while on its back. Later, I was in Whiterun city in the morning when people started emerging from their houses and going about their daily routines. When Eorlund didn't show up at the Skyforge and Carlotta, Fralia, and Anoriath didn't show up at their stalls, I went looking for them. Eorlund and Fralia were standing just outside their door unmoving. So were Carlotta and Mila at their house. I forgot to check on Anoriath, but I'm sure he was by one of The Drunken Huntsman's doors. This character had not talked to Fralia yet, and whenever I got close enough, Fralia would say her quest-related lines about how she can't stop thinking of her son Thorald and how the Battle-Borns are lying about him. I also noticed that Eorlund and Carlotta, who were standing behind Fralia and Mila respectively, seemed to be crowded by this proximity and were actually being pushed up into the air. Apparently because Fralia and Mila wouldn't budge even after Eorlund and Carlotta spawned in nearly the same spots, making Eorlund and Carlotta rise up into the air was how the system dealt with unmoving people standing in the way. At this point, I remembered the horse not moving earlier and Dorthe and Frodnar standing unmoving in the streets of Riverwood, and it finally dawned on me that these glitches I was having with this character of unmoving NPCs could well be related.
The glitches from the two different characters should not be related because they are on different accounts. This is on a Playstation 4 with no mods ever installed.
Surely I'm not the only one to have something like this happen.[[Special:Contributions/|]] 06:06, 27 December 2018 (UTC)
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