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If you struggle due it regen, cast fury spell on it. Spell makes it attack you and not flee. {{uns||08:23, 7 October 2018}}
== Hircine's Named Hunters ==
I found it strange that all of Hircine's hunters in this quest had unique names. I also found it strange that none of the names seem to be listed. Here are the ones I found:
Hircine's Hunters
* J'Kier (scripted death)
* Batum gra-Bar (dead)
* Ma'tasarr (dead)
* Hoddreid (dead)
* Rissing
* Tsrasuna
* Torkild the Fearsome
* Yar gro-Gatuk
* Eriana
* Ahjisi
* Ra'kheran
* Heratar
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