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'''Afareen''' is a [[ON:Redguard|Redguard]] [[ON:Chefs|chef]] working at [[ON:The Shining Star|The Shining Star]] in [[ON:The Hollow City|the Hollow City]]. She's none too happy about being in [[Online:Coldharbour|Coldharbour]] and is a little peeved when you call her a "cook". She's in the kitchen area with [[Online:Romord|Romord]] on the east side of the first floor.
If she is spoken with, she will say:
:''"If you're looking for something to eat, just give me a moment. I'm not used to these crowds."''
:'''So you're the cook?'''
:''"I prefer the term chef. I like to think that my carefully prepared meals make life a little bit brighter in this dismal realm."''