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Cannot complete quest?
Not sure of the cause, but it seems at some point I either started this quest to return Queen Freydis's Sword, or (if this is possible) simply found the sword without getting the quest start. Either way, in my misc. tasks it tells me to "return queen's sword" to quest giver, but when I checked my inventory I didn't have the sword in it, and when I talk the smith guy, he has no dialogue options relating to this quest. I tried using the console to a.) add item to my character to see if that would prompt dialogue b.) reset quest c.) Set stage to 20 to auto-complete d.) Set stage to 10 and then 15 to see if that would prompt his dialogue or re-start the quest. None of the above seem to have any effect that I can discern in-game after using those console commands, IE no on-screen prompts telling me the quest has advanced or anything. Nobody on the net seems to have reported this problem enough to have google bring it up. Anyone got advice here? It is worth noting that IF I REMEMBER RIGHT (this was probably nearly a year ago) I got the quest and went off and found the sword, then got side-tracked doing other things and eventually finished the civil war in favor of the imperials before attempting to turn this one in. Given the smith guy is hard-line Stormcloak I wasn't sure if there was the possibility of this being somehow intentional but poorly coded or what. Anyone got feedback/advice/help for me? {{Uns2|05:13, 13 November 2012‎|Seroster}}
:It's probably because you finished the civil war in favor of the Imperials. Oengul wanted the sword for Ulfric.[[Special:Contributions/|]] 07:48, 17 December 2018 (UTC)
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