Skyrim:Nightweaver's Band

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<noinclude>{{Trail|Items|Unique Items}}[[Category:Skyrim-Jewelry-Rings]]</noinclude>{{Artifact Summary
|Artifacttypeartifacttype=Unique Item
|PageName=Nightweaver's Band
|Artifacttype=Unique Item
|image=SR-item-Nightweaver's Band.jpg
|imgdesc=Nightweaver's Band
|Enchantenchant=''Sneaking is 10% better. Destruction spells cost 10% less to cast.''
*[[Skyrim:Fortify Sneak|Fortify Sneak]], 10 pts
*[[Skyrim:Fortify Destruction|Fortify Destruction]], 10 pts
The [[Skyrim:Nightweaver's Band|Nightweaver's Band]] is a [[Skyrim:Ring|ring]] that can be obtained from [[Skyrim:Festus Krex|Festus Krex]] as a reward for successfully hiding [[Skyrim:Balagog gro-Nolob|The Gourmet]]'s body during the quest [[Skyrim:Recipe for Disaster|Recipe for Disaster]]. In appearance, the ring is identical to a [[Skyrim:Silver Amethyst Ring|silver amethyst ring]]. Its enchantment [[Skyrim:Fortify Sneak|fortifies Sneak]] and [[Skyrim:Fortify Destruction|Destruction]] by 10 points, making you harder to detect and decreasing the magicka cost of your [[Skyrim:Destruction|Destruction]] spells, respectively. <noinclude>