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'''Welcome to [[UESPWiki:About|UESPWiki]]!''' This is a site devoted to documenting the ''[[General:The Elder Scrolls|Elder Scrolls]]'' games. The site is set up as a wiki, modeled on [http Wikipedia]. This means that the entire site is a collaborative effort, to which anybody may contribute; just click "[[Help:Editing Pages|edit]]" at the top of any page to become a wiki editor! We always welcome new contributors who are interested in helping to improve the site.
==Getting Started==
You are free to edit the site without creating an account, but if you're interested in doing more than just a few random edits, having one can be very useful. It's a [[Special:Userlogin|painless process]]. An account allows other editors on the site to get to know you better (for example, by seeing where your interests lie) and gives you access to additional features.
See [http://en.[ create an account?|Why create an account?]] on Wikipedia for more about account creation.
==How to Contribute==