Lore:Fourth Era

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Second Century
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|4E 176|[[Lore:Ulfric Stormcloak|Ulfric Stormcloak]] retakes The Reach, instigating the [[Lore:Forsworn#The_Markarth_Incident|Markarth Incident]].|Skyrim and the son of the deposed Jarl of the Reach promise Ulfric Stormcloak free worship of Talos in exchange for retaking the province. Ulfric forms a Nord militia and crushes the Reachmen at Markarth with the aid of the [[Lore:Thu'um|thu'um]]. The survivors flee into the wilds, forming a group called the {{Lore Link|Forsworn}}. After the Empire reestablishes control over the Reach, Ulfric is arrested when the Thalmor discover the open worship of Talos. Ulfric and his men are eventually released, but the incident kindles what will become the Stormcloak Rebellion.}}
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|4E 176|[[Skyrim:Gallus|Gallus Desidenius]], Guildmaster of the Thieves Guild, is murdered by [[Skyrim:Mercer Frey|Mercer Frey]].}}
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|4E 180|The Second Treaty of Stros M'Kai is signed.|Having been fought to a standstill by the Redguards, the Aldmeri Dominion withdraws from Hammerfell.|minor=yes}}
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