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Crafting: Link in the crafting page and adding the seventh crafting profession
[[Online:Crafting|Crafting]] is available as part of the sixseven [[Online:Professions|professions]] in the game:
* [[Online:Alchemy|Alchemy]]: Crafting potions.
* [[Online:Blacksmithing|Blacksmithing]]: Crafting heavy armor and melee weapons.
* [[Online:Clothing|Clothing]]: Crafting medium and light armor.
* [[Online:Enchanting|Enchanting]]: Crafting magical glyphs to enhance your weapons, armor and jewelry.
* [[Online:Jewelry Crafting|Jewelry Crafting]]: Crafting of jewelry. (Added by the [[ON:Summerset (chapter)|Summerset]] chapter)
* [[Online:Provisioning|Provisioning]]: Crafting food and beverages.
* [[Online:Woodworking|Woodworking]]: Crafting bows, staves, and shields.